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Redback Bobcat Safety Toe Claret Oil Kip (USBOK)

Redback Bobcat Safety Toe Claret Oil Kip (USBOK)

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  • The classic Redback
  • Derby-cut, elastic-sided boot
  • Thicker, tougher leather
  • Air cushion midsole
  • Hard-wearing TPU outsole
  • Anatomical fit and torsional heel support

Redback Boot make your working life easier, thanks to light-weight flexibility combined with heavy-duty durability. The air cushion midsole is made of a special compound with millions of tiny air bubbles to improve shock absorption and energy return, and to reduce weight. Coupled with our anatomic last and sole profiles, this is why Redback boots keep you on your feet for longer.

When you're under the hammer, steel-toe safety must come first. The extra protection of Redback’s reinforced-steel toe boots is designed to meet global safety standards and protect your feet from the day-to-day hazards of the toughest job sites.

It’s not just your feet that’ll thank you for choosing Redback help you beat general wear and tear on your body. It is unique anatomically-designed triple-layer midsoles help to stop sagging arches (‘flat feet’), prevent other foot strain, minimise fatigue, and reduce leg and back pain.

Tough and smart – it’s the Austrian character, the Austrian way. And it's the way we make our boots right here at our factory in Alexandria, Sydney. Every Redback boot is 100% hand-stitched by our experienced craftsmen, a tradition that’s been part of the Redback story for over 90 years.